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Gain access to even more NPS resources!

Current clients of Trinitas Services do not need to purchase a plan.  Please see your clinician if you are interested in downloading any NPS resources. 

  • NPS Basics

    Access to 5 starter NPS worksheets
    Valid for 2 years
    • NPS Chart: Conversational Introduction
    • NPS Stage Exercise
    • NPS Cage Exercise
    • NPS Self Reflection Exercise
    • NPS Diary
  • NPS Extra

    NPS Basics & NPS Decision Making
    Valid for 2 years
    • All NPS Basics Worksheets
    • NPS Decision Tree
    • NPS Life Inventory
    • NPS Themes of Joy
    • NPS Inner Critic Exercise
    • NPS Unique Interdependence
  • NPS Plus

    NPS Basics, NPS Decision Making & NPS Relationships
    Valid for 2 years
    • All NPS Basics Worksheets
    • All NPS Extras Worksheets
    • NPS Relationship Communication Diagram
    • NPS Relationship Conflict Diagram (with wall)
    • NPS Relationship Triangle
    • NPS Bullseye Exercise
    • NPS Four Areas of Attaction
    • NPS Positive Emotional Expression Exercise
    • NPS Intimacy Umbrella
    • NPS Intimacy Umbrella for Teens
    • NPS Radial Acceptance
    • NPS Communication of Radical Acceptance Model
    • NPS Bridge Model
    • NPS Three Healthy Relationship Meetings
    • NPS Four Measures of a Healthy Relationship
    • NPS Therapeutic Separation
    • NPS Relationship Contract
    • NPS Body Types
    • NPS Bodies Exercise
  • Best Value!

    NPS Full Membership

    All NPS Worksheets & Five 30-Minute Consultations Per Year. Limited to Mental Health Clinicians.
    • All NPS Basics Worksheets
    • All NPS Decision Making Worksheets
    • All NPS Relationships Worksheets
    • Three 30-Minute NPS Consultations Per Year
    • 20% Off One Continuing Education Training Per Year
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